How Does Data Exchange Work ?

We seek unknown and untapped datasets. The lifeblood of our search for predictive trading signals, which we call Alphas, is our data. It is part of our cycle, and we are constantly and relentlessly searching for new and better data. Below is WorldQuant Data Exchange workflow.

  1. Create an account and describe your data product.
  2. WorldQuant will email you a contract for signature.
  3. WorldQuant will review your account, data product description and signed contract and if we are satisfied, the contract will be countersigned. A fully executed copy of the contract will be sent to you via email.
  4. A method will then be established to facilitate the exchange of data from you to WorldQuant (e.g., FTP, API, or other data exchange vendor).
  5. WorldQuant will download the sample data product via the chosen method and begin evaluating it. You can review and update your information anytime at your account page.

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